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Friday, March 9, 2012

Pa, You're The Best

Two weeks before my birthday and I received the best gift I ever had!
It was actually the start of the finals week. While I am cramming for paper works to be submitted to almost every subject especially the major ones, my father asked me if I need a laptop. I guess he had noticed that I really need one since I would be on my last year in college next school year which needs more paper works and also for the fact that I always go home late at night from school. Sometimes, no, many times I sleep in our office to do my assignments and projects. Joining in our school publication is truly an advantage since we got to use free internet access aside from our monthly honorarium. And now, I don’t have to take an overnight stay in the office, I don’t have to wait for a vacant pc, and I can make my paper works at home. Here’s a peek into my baby...
Not just because of having this made me happy. This time I felt that they are really concerned of my studies. They have shown me that I am truly loved and that is the best gift I ever received. Papa, you’re really the best!! :)