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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Of Overnights and Online Surfing

I had an overnight stay in the office last night. That was probably the most productive night for me since I got to do more things than the usual. Aside from updating my social networking sites and editing photos, I got to download the hottest songs this month. Also, with the help of my Assistant Business Manager, Lycel, I had revised and made our first resolution for the school year. That was for the scholarship to be availed by my fellow staffers in the publication.

Since has already bid goodbye, Lycel has introduced me to this photo editing site, Though they don’t offer the same features in picnik, they are connected to facebook and you can have a ready account where you can like and comment photos of your friends who are also using the site. As a neophyte, here’s a collage from the old and new me… whatever! J

More than that, I was also looking for a site where I can download songs, Lycel has suggested for me to check out And I was right for following her. This site makes it easy for us to convert youtube videos into mp3 formats by just copying the video URL. No need to create an account and the download process is very fast. Thus, I get to download the latest songs I love like Justin Beiber’s Boyfriend and Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe.

Indeed, that was a great night, though I only slept about 4 o’clock this morning. I learned a lot of things because of Lycel, even keyboard shortcuts! J

P.S. Why not check out those sites?! J

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Of Rewards and Punishments

Early in life, we were raised knowing what’s right from wrong. If we make mistakes, we’re punished. If we follow orders, we were praised. We have carried that until today. But now, we are old enough. Old enough that we make things even though we know it’s not right. Old enough to know that we were not like the way we were when once young.

That is what I just realized today. I can disobey them. I can say what’s on my mind though I know it hurts. And I can do what I want to do. But beyond all these, my fate still relies on rewards and punishments.

I have been punished. I made a mistake. I rarely come in class on time. I don’t do my assignments. I failed to pass reflection papers. I don’t study hard during examinations. These are the reasons why for the first time, I got two incomplete grades on my major subjects. It was alright for me because I know that I deserved it. But what made me cry was the fact that our teachers declared it on my birthday makes me really sad. Just for this lack of motivation, I think. I really don’t know what had happened to me. In fact, one of my former professor in Biology said that I was very diligent in her class before and she doesn’t have any complaints about my behavior. My classmates, who once commend me for getting highest grades, were like laughing to what had turned out. Now I just regret of what I have done.

I have been rewarded. In spite of my incomplete grades, I still feel that I am rewarded. Last March, I was given a laptop from my parents. A week after that, I was asked to represent our class for an oratorical contest. I was half-hearted in joining since I didn’t have time to practice my piece but fortunately I won the third place (not so bad!). While in our editorial board election of the publication, I was elected as the Business Manager. From a senior writer to this position entails a lot of responsibilities. However, next school year would be my last year in college (hopefully!). It would mean a lot of things for me since it’s a sign that I am close to my dream of finishing school and find a well-paying job someday.

Though we commit mistakes sometimes, we must be thankful because after those troubles are lessons that we have got to learn. More than that, we must remain our faith to Him since He always surprises us with a lot of blessings. And it all lies beyond our hands of what we must take. We just have to be responsible of the things we do in life. We don’t know what happens next. Will we be punished or get rewarded?