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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pikon ka ba?

Someone texted me early in the morning yesterday, "Myrna, pikon ka sa? :)" (Myrna, are you a quick-tempered person?). With a smiley at the end of his line, I can't completely fathom what he was up to - if it was a lame judgement or a naive question just to piss me off. So I asked him what made him think that way for my persona and then he gave some few evidences that I really am a "pikon" type of person. As a defense mechanism, I denied his allegation and persisted that I have a long patience.

However, as I rewind what he said of those times that reveal my being "pikunin", I have to admit that yes, pikon ako in a slight way. Maybe I'm just super-sensitive to what others would say or do towards me, but I'm not the pikon type wherein one would ask for a fight or become aggressive. What I always do when I'm faced with awkward moments and when people just make things below the belt, I would just keep quiet, change the topic or act as if I'm deaf and don't exist.

By the way, the Tagalog word "pikon" comes from a spanish word pic√≥n, which means 'touchy' or 'peevish'.  And so let me ask you, PIKON KA RIN BA?

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Late-Sickness

Just when I thought to come early this morning on our major subject, it turned out that our teacher wasn't around. It should have been my first time to come early since I was always absent for the past two meetings already because of being late. My classmates told me that our teacher is going to drop me if I won't be around for the third time. So I have done my best to come on time to the extent of skipping breakfast, but it was worthless...

I have always been like this. It's as if this disease have already entered  into my bloodstreams flowing through my head and thus eventually became part of my consciousness. Since time immemorial, I never went into appointments, meetings, and first-period-classes earlier or at the right time. I am really devoted to this common adage,"better to be late than never". No matter how hard I try, no matter how I set my alarm clock, prepare my things the day before and even skipping meals, it just doesn't happen.

As I remember those times of my tardiness, I had summed up those instances that led me to embarrassment and consequences. Have you experienced the anxiety walking into the room while noticing the glances among those who came before the time and perhaps those dreaded rolling of eyeballs? Do you know the humiliation of being the subject for sarcasm? Or to invent the most accepted reasons just to have one?

Well, I probably have done and experienced those things and yet I still haven't learned.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

my mind and body need to rest...

It's 9:40 in this saturday morning. I only had two hours of sleep, from 5am 'til seven few hours ago. It has been my third overnight here in the office and of those three nights I did not happen to sleep. It's just that I'm not comfortable sleeping on the floor and in another place aside from home. I have used all those hours in facing the computer, checking my emails, facebook notifications, mentions from twitter and lastly, making posts in my blog that I hardly publish, either it's not finish or I changed my mind.

On the sad note, I did not finish my article which had it's supposedly deadline before midnight which is my main purpose from not going home. I have few reasons to that, firstly, I just had my interview with the University Registrar yesterday at noon, I received my honorarium so we strolled at Cang's and ate at Jollibee with my three co-staffers and lastly we had joined the candlelighting for World Peace for 11.11.11.

And today, I still haven't taken breakfast and haven't taken a bath. This afternoon we will have general cleaning and I don't know if I have enough energy to help and meeting afterwards. And so, my mind and body need to rest...

a new blog again...

There's a problem with my blog, the Secret Haven. The page elements just don't appear on the sides. My followers are complaining why they can't post a comment. So here I am again wandering in the blogosphere and knocking on your doors, hoping you could at least spend a little time on my new blog... Hope you'll like it!