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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pikon ka ba?

Someone texted me early in the morning yesterday, "Myrna, pikon ka sa? :)" (Myrna, are you a quick-tempered person?). With a smiley at the end of his line, I can't completely fathom what he was up to - if it was a lame judgement or a naive question just to piss me off. So I asked him what made him think that way for my persona and then he gave some few evidences that I really am a "pikon" type of person. As a defense mechanism, I denied his allegation and persisted that I have a long patience.

However, as I rewind what he said of those times that reveal my being "pikunin", I have to admit that yes, pikon ako in a slight way. Maybe I'm just super-sensitive to what others would say or do towards me, but I'm not the pikon type wherein one would ask for a fight or become aggressive. What I always do when I'm faced with awkward moments and when people just make things below the belt, I would just keep quiet, change the topic or act as if I'm deaf and don't exist.

By the way, the Tagalog word "pikon" comes from a spanish word picón, which means 'touchy' or 'peevish'.  And so let me ask you, PIKON KA RIN BA?

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