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Saturday, November 12, 2011

my mind and body need to rest...

It's 9:40 in this saturday morning. I only had two hours of sleep, from 5am 'til seven few hours ago. It has been my third overnight here in the office and of those three nights I did not happen to sleep. It's just that I'm not comfortable sleeping on the floor and in another place aside from home. I have used all those hours in facing the computer, checking my emails, facebook notifications, mentions from twitter and lastly, making posts in my blog that I hardly publish, either it's not finish or I changed my mind.

On the sad note, I did not finish my article which had it's supposedly deadline before midnight which is my main purpose from not going home. I have few reasons to that, firstly, I just had my interview with the University Registrar yesterday at noon, I received my honorarium so we strolled at Cang's and ate at Jollibee with my three co-staffers and lastly we had joined the candlelighting for World Peace for 11.11.11.

And today, I still haven't taken breakfast and haven't taken a bath. This afternoon we will have general cleaning and I don't know if I have enough energy to help and meeting afterwards. And so, my mind and body need to rest...


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