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Friday, November 18, 2011

My Late-Sickness

Just when I thought to come early this morning on our major subject, it turned out that our teacher wasn't around. It should have been my first time to come early since I was always absent for the past two meetings already because of being late. My classmates told me that our teacher is going to drop me if I won't be around for the third time. So I have done my best to come on time to the extent of skipping breakfast, but it was worthless...

I have always been like this. It's as if this disease have already entered  into my bloodstreams flowing through my head and thus eventually became part of my consciousness. Since time immemorial, I never went into appointments, meetings, and first-period-classes earlier or at the right time. I am really devoted to this common adage,"better to be late than never". No matter how hard I try, no matter how I set my alarm clock, prepare my things the day before and even skipping meals, it just doesn't happen.

As I remember those times of my tardiness, I had summed up those instances that led me to embarrassment and consequences. Have you experienced the anxiety walking into the room while noticing the glances among those who came before the time and perhaps those dreaded rolling of eyeballs? Do you know the humiliation of being the subject for sarcasm? Or to invent the most accepted reasons just to have one?

Well, I probably have done and experienced those things and yet I still haven't learned.

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  1. well,your tardiness serves u good... hahahahaha, keep it up myrna.!!!! soon... you will be one of those drop-out students..... but, don't worry whatever happens I'm here................... to laugh at you............hahahahaha,

    Peru CHAR LANG.!!!!!
    LAV YOU mern.....hehehe


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