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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


You, specter of Desdemona fair
Whose voice is a contralto warm and clear
Glossy, inky-black is your head of hair
Yet I wonder, do you hold beauty dear?
What price for spring's loveliness will you pay?
Does perfume mask Delilah's venal heart?
Venal or true, which way does your heart stray?
Pray, from any vulgar beauty depart --
Why hide a fair face with paint and false bloom!
So if you be good and if you be true
For vulgarity, never is too soon.
But take comfort, spring is, for now, with you.
Yet alas, beauty is not eternal
On the contrary, it is ephemeral.

        While searching for the meaning of the word “ephemeral”, I stumbled upon this nice poem. It simply says that each one of us are given unique faces, fresh and with innate beauty, we shouldn’t destroy it with “paint and false bloom” by putting a lot of cosmetics. Also, every lady must always remember that no maiden's loveliness will last forever. Beauty is not eternal but rather ephemeral – lasting a very short time.

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