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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Examination Blues

My day did not start out well. It’s the second day of the midterm’s week and I still haven’t had an exam yet. Supposedly, we should have the exam in Physiological Psychology today but our teacher said that she forgot to make an exam. I don’t know what to act. Should I be happy or disgusted? My course mates are really happy since we are given ample time to study until next week. That’s good, but hey! Don’t they know that I have studied really hard last night until two o’clock in the morning? Don’t they know that I slept in the sofa with mosquitoes feasting on my vulnerable body? Don’t they know that I have endured the pain when you have the first day of the monthly visit (you know what I mean) just to read this bulk of photocopies?
Don’t they know that I haven’t eaten my breakfast just at least to end my late-sickness in the first period subject? Don’t they know that when our Social Psychology teacher asked me about “self-efficacy”, I respond with an empty answer brought about by an empty stomach? Well that’s because when you don’t eat foods that contain glucose especially early in the morning, your brain cells might not probably function. That’s basically what happened to me early this morning.
I have two exams this afternoon but I don’t have the penchant to study. Maybe I will just cheat with my classmates in Philosophy and hope that it would still be an open-note exam like what we had in our chapter test. Then I might just study later on my exam in Public Speaking.  

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