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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Piknik: Edit a Pic

Earlier this morning, after an essay midterm exam continuation in our Social Psychology class, I went directly to our school pub office. Feeling disheartened by making four essays which I haven't read some articles of our copies and missed my breakfast again to come on time, but still end up late. Opening the door, I found Mayet and Leonil facing the computer. Leonil was watching some art photos while Mayet, our photographer seemed very happy putting designs on her photos. Curious, I asked her what it was and she said that through that site, editing photos would be easier compared to using Adobe Photoshop. As a neophyte in photo editing, here is my first edited photo... 

see the difference between that and below...

Hurry and have your photos edited... before is closing this April 19, 2012!!! :)


  1. Ahh.. Piknik. Yung ginagamit ko, Picassa3.. Okay din naman sya, and gamit yun, I could connect din to Piknik, which is cool. :)

  2. hehe. never co pang natry ang picassa... try co nga...hmp. :)


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