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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All is well... farewell!

It has been some time since I scribbled into this page. A month has finally passed and the semester ended at last. There’s a new leaf to write on and new experiences to share. Actually, I have already a draft on what I should be blogging this time. But it was full of sadness and despair, and I think it’s not worthy to put into writing since I have already moved on. However, of those times that I am out of the blogosphere, various momentous happenings took place. Allow me to share these comings and goings of my life after I have celebrated my two hundred twenty eight months of journey…

March 31- April 01, 2012 Farewell Party

the TN staff in their prince and princess costumes
We have travelled about thirty minutes from Dumaguete to our destination, the Escosas Bar and Resort in Amlan, Negros Oriental. Six members of our publication have bid farewell as they join to the real world.
the graduates (from left to right): Roroy (Circulation Manager); Mommy Chix (Senior Writer);
Key (Editor-in-Chief) and  Rina (News Editor)
Aside from saying goodbye to these oldies, it was also the oath taking ceremony for the new batch of the Editorial Board which I am apparently part of. I was elected as the Business Manager and making the party possible had been part of my training. Shopping for groceries, marketing, buying food for dinner, and riding back to the city the next day to buy for lunch and snacks was not that easy. Nonetheless, it was a wonderful experience since we got to dress like princesses with all those ball gowns and crowns, as well as wearing make-ups. It looks like having a promenade once again just looking back my high school days. 

the new editorial board: Rolynsky (EIC); Alberta (Assoc. Ed.); Jessie (News Ed.);
ME (Business Manager) and  Liting (Assistant BM)
That's ME! :)
it started at 1 am. no wonder, they can't help falling asleep during the program
the sun has risen and we still not ended...
Jollibee takeouts and pizzas for lunch
after lunch... jump shot!!! :)
We also got to enjoy their pool... :)

the continuation on the next post! :)


  1. You did a wonderful job as the business manager, which I presume from all the happy satisfied faces.

    I look forward to the continuation. :)

  2. thanks Sui!! i'll be working on it...:)

  3. You had it in you. The art of writing. Hahaha. You've posted a couple of blogposts for a day. I wonder what's going on your head right now.


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