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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Orange Fun

April 9, 2012

It was a holiday for Rolyn “Orange Pulps”, our newest editor-in-chief of the publication. Not because it’s Araw ng Kagitingan but it’s a celebration over her 19 long years of surviving the highs and lows of life. As such, we have surprised her in their house which made us travel about an hour bringing our gifts. Since her most loved color is orange, we shopped for anything but orange stuffs. From chips to sodas, from sponge to plates, and from carrots to real oranges, not to mention an orange-colored pack of panty liners as a present from our now former EIC, Key! J

from left to right: Rolyn, Lycel, Jesphert, Key, and me! :)
Comical Group Pictures

I know it’s so late to post this one, so I just want to share some of our funny pictures together while waiting for a ride to bring us back to the city.

from left to right: Key, Lycel, Shenmae, Ranulfo, Jela, Japhet,
ME, Jessie, Cheeno, Rina and Rolyn 

where's the east, Key?! :)

all gorgeous point to the west! 

credits to Kendrex's choreography - the man behind the camera

pose your cutest smiles! :)

hey, is the camera still on?!

so bored, where's our ride?! :(
After these group snapshots, one private cab stopped by and let us ride their vehicle. We're so lucky, we got a discount from that awesome driver! :)


  1. You all are such great friends. A birthday celebration becomes ten times better when there are close group of friends to enjoy the happiness with. :)

  2. very true Sui. i really treasure all our fondest memories together now that i only have a year to stay in the publication with them.

  3. First time to read this one. hahaha... mayo jud kayo mo kay naka.adto, ako wala. wala man ko txt c.

  4. Hi LoveSparx! :)

    I have posted a poem with the challenge given by you. I hope that you can find time to read it.
    This is the link:

    You are also one of the winners in the eye game that I put up on my blog. Collect your award from here:

    Have a good day. :)


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